Participating in events in the forms of conferences, competitions, and specialized exhibitions, etc, to motivate customers and culturize quality coffee consumption and in a way, engaging the customers with the product, are the main reason for our participation in conferences and exhibitions. 
It should be noted that the closer the event is to the hospitality principles, the more its effectiveness would be, so, if you want to hold a memorable event, the Lemm team will be with you.

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Lemm Events

Nationwide tour of the workshop event in the city of Mashhad

19 to 21 June 2022

Getting together at the End of 1400

17 and 18 March 2022

Joint cooperation between "Lemm" and "Locadonat"

The end of the year celebration of the French school in the garden of the British Embassy

Geopark Trail 2022

In the winter of 1400, Lemm hosted the participants of the Qeshm Geopark running race on a hard and desert track to discover "knacks's tricks" as they ran.

The eighth anniversary of Rowaq Group

The Iranian form is created in places where Lemm flows.
On the 8th anniversary of Rowaq group, we welcomed the group's guests to make the cold winter more pleasant with the warmth of coffee
30th of January 2022

Yoga gathering in ShemroonAbad festival


January 2022

In July, 2021 Lemms welcomed athletes and participants with cold brewed coffees in the first advanced paddle training clinic organized by the Tehran Provincial Committee at Pas Club in Tehran.​​​​​​​

Advanced paddle training clinic by the committee of Tehran province in Pas Club Tehran

رویداد ایران آباد و فردایی آباد

IFA event
In collaboration with IFA        non-profit charity foundation

Based on its social responsibilities, Lemm Coffee Roasters intends to donate a percentage of its sales in February to the IFA foundation to support flooded areas.  You can also have a little share of your own by buying Lemm products.  
In the hope of the growing prosperity of our motherland 
What is IFA?
The foundation of supporting sustainable development of deprived areas of IFA is a charity and non-profit foundation that aims to enable deprived areas, create jobs, and realize sustainable development in villages. It has been established with registration number 45185 and license number 9741311 (issued by the Ministry of home affairs).
In IFA, we try to make the pain more resistible for our countrymen by paying donations. We try to eliminate poverty by an effective, long-term, and comprehensive approach.  IFA aims to enhance economic and social wellbeing through education, consulting, creating jobs, and implementing infrastructure plans.  There is never a place for fundraising and gratuitous donations in IFA.  Donation is a temporary relief, does not create growth opportunities, and does not break the cycle of poverty.

On the occasion of World Coffee Day, the Scientific Drink Events Group held a V60 Pour Over grand Prix tournament in Mashhad. 81 baristas participated in this competition from all over Iran to challenge their coffee brewing skills. In the elimination stage, they competed, during which Ms. Fariba Morouti won first place, and Mr. Mohammad Haji Babaei and Mr. Aras Fattah won second and third places, respectively.
Undoubtedly, this event would not have been possible without the presence of our esteemed sponsors. Thanks to Lemm Coffee Roasters, the main sponsor of the program, Bono Group, Modabber school of management and management of Technical & Vocational Organization, and Badab Gallery, who helped us to organize this event as well as possible.​​​​​​​

مسابقات قهوه مشهد

V60 Pour Over grand Prix tournament in Mashhad 

In collaboration with the Bono groupAnd Modabber school and the management of Technical & Vocational Organization and Badab Gallery.​​​​​​​

FIT ZEE event
In collaboration with the Oxygen Club
Personal development with a health approach

Coffee Exhibition and Related Industries
Shiraz, November 13-16, 2018
Permanent location of Shiraz International Exhibitions.

نمایشگاه قهوه شیراز

Tennis Grand Prix tournaments
(Ramadan Cup) in collaboration
with partners and commercial representatives 
 of Lemm Coffee in Isfahan province.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

مسابقات جایزه بزرگ تنیس در اصفهان
مسابقات ملی باریستا ایران

Lemm booth
In the National Barista Competition of Iran, Museum of the Qasr Prison​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Beautiful complex 
of Farzaneh Ceramic House 
 Niavaran Palace

مجموعه خانه سرامیک در نیاوران
رویداد رواق با همکاری جیمبالی

In collaboration with La Cimbali

We were proud and happy to be with the Ravagh creative and artist team in the new opening of the group's products. In this ceremony, we tried to introduce the culture of Iranian coffee drinking by serving Iranian coffee. We appreciate the Barista Insider team for providing excellent equipment like an espresso machine and La Cimbali grinder.

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