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Purchase guide​​​​​​

How can I order my product on the Lemm Coffee website? ​​​​​​​

The online shopping process is explained below so you can easily order your desired products from our website:

1.      First, you need to search for your desired product.

2.      After selecting the product, click on the “add to cart” option. 

3.      You can decrease or increase the number of products. It is also possible to remove the product from the cart.

4.      you can enter your cart by clicking on the “checkout” option and finalizing your order.
5.      If you are already our customer, you can sign in through your user name and password, otherwise, select the “without registration” option.
you can complete your order without being a member of the site.

6.      In this section, you should enter the address to which the product must be sent.
Select the delivery address and complete other information. Finally, click on the “shipping method” option. You can also change or edit your address at this stage.

7.      Determine the shipping method.  You can choose the “bike delivery shipping” option if you are currently living in Tehran, otherwise, select the “post shipping” option.

8.      Enter the payment gateway panel after selecting the payment method to finalize and register your order.
For online payment, you need:
 - credit card number (the 16 digits that are written on the credit card)
- dynamic password (it is necessary to have your dynamic password activated before the online payment.)
you can refer to the ATM of the bank that has issued your card to activate your dynamic password, insert your card, and select the password operation option.  Then, select your password in the dynamic password section.
 - CVV2- (it is a 3 or 4-digit code that is written on the back or front of the credit cards and it is used as a security code in online payments.)
 - Expiration date (the card expiration date that is written on it If your card has no expiration date, instead, you can use number 12 as the month and number 99 as the year.)
 If a user makes a cash purchase, they have 20 minutes to complete the purchase process. After that, the order is automatically canceled and the shop is not responsible for a price change or product unavailability.

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